9 Grid Tutorial

9 grid Tutorial 

requested by vinnai-thaandi-varuvaayaa

this is very simple tutorial - i’ll be doing this on Adobe PhotoShop CS3

First go to file > New : make the  width 500 pixels & height 500 pixels


then go to file > New : make the width 167 pixel and height 167 pixels


(make sure you make 2 of this 167 x 167 pixel)

the reason why we have 2 is - one is going to black and white and the other one will be colour 


now open your 9 photos 

then click on one of the 167x167 pixel icon and go to image >mode > grayscale

(this will automatically make  the image to black and white )


Now put all of ur pics in the colour 167 X 167 pixels ( not the black and white one  yet)

you can resize and u can place it how u would like it - when you are done with all the photos 

Then CROP the photos( when you crop the 1st photo it will crop all the other photo at the same time )


then click on the first photo and hold shift and then press the last photo ( it will select all the photos in between as well) - then press the link layers button 


then bring all the layers to the black and white icon  - it should look all this 


Note :

Before we start doing the final design - if u want to colourize the photo ( colour 167 X 167 pixels) / sharpen / blur it - its better to do it now then after. And remember to unlink the layers ( for both 167 x 167 pixels)

Now put the one of the colour and one of the black and white - on the 500 x 500 pixel - at the end it should look like this 



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